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To be sure, Leiter stops short of calling for an actual establishment of irreligion, but only because he has not (yet) "made the argument" that irreligion "is in fact a proper object of appraisal respect.
I think that in the End Times we are living in, religious masons will become stronger, and that the role of Freemasonry in the spread of irreligion will completely disappear.
She castigated him for his idleness, hedonism, parasitism, selfishness, wantonness, irreligion and corruption.
According to Kasper, the status quo in the public square is a "blurring" of religion and irreligion, rather than a clear distinction and clash between the two.
Infected with a merely man-centered humanism, they also are much like Swift's Houyhnhnms in their irreligion and callous, joyless rationalism.
The charge that postwar West Germany was suffering from a rising tide of irreligion, rootlessness, and individualism echoed similar lamentations stirring in various sectors of society.
Although some scholars argue that this special fight would violate the Establishment Clause by placing religion over irreligion, the nature of the First Amendment itself, which gives a special protection to religion, refutes this idea.
Thomas Guthrie who contended that 'INTEMPERANCE' was the cause of 'almost all the poverty, and almost all the crime, and almost all the irreligion that disgrace and affect the land'.
The facts are that Canadian society has reached a stage where anti-traditionalism and irreligion are rampant and regnant.
Such traditionalism is what people have in mind when they are thinking of conservatives' objections to the French Revolution, Roosevelt's New Deal, or contemporary irreligion.
contra la irreligion y contra los vicios que empanan el esplendor de las costumbres expoliando las maravillas del criador supremo" (el subrayado es mio).
In Hayraddin, then, we see a character given some of the conventional accoutrements of cultural Moorishness but also a combination of education, irreligion, and radical ideas of personal liberty.