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Such a state may promote ideas consistent with democratic republicanism, but will not promote religion over irreligion or the other way around.
I think that in the End Times we are living in, religious masons will become stronger, and that the role of Freemasonry in the spread of irreligion will completely disappear.
As it is the right of every religious denomination to enjoy their peculiar sentiments and modes of worship, it is ordered that the Officers of College, in their instruction of the students, avoid as much as possible those controverted points which have so long divided the Christian world; but, as the principles of irreligion are destructive of society and pernicious to all regular and salutary discipline in literary institutions, it is also ordered that if any student shall avow or propagate principles subversive of religion or morals he shall be liable to admonition, suspension or expulsion.
She castigated him for his idleness, hedonism, parasitism, selfishness, wantonness, irreligion and corruption.
Quite what Buckingham meant by "all grave matters" is not clear; the reference to places and power of interest suggests that they were primarily political, but that he was also routinely accused of irreligion points to--at the very least--anticlericalism.
For Howe, the modern Court's use of Jefferson's language to impute due process values to the religion clauses "distorts their manifest objectives" to grant religion constitutionally protected status--a status distinct from other forms of conscience, not least irreligion.
The facts are that Canadian society has reached a stage where anti-traditionalism and irreligion are rampant and regnant.
Such traditionalism is what people have in mind when they are thinking of conservatives' objections to the French Revolution, Roosevelt's New Deal, or contemporary irreligion.
Tolstoy's religiosity stood in opposition to the intelligentsia's irreligion and atheism; his courageously held solitary vision of political peace opposed the intelligentsia's conformist commitment to revolutionary violence.
Entries on the empirical study and neglect of unbelief and irreligion, periodicals of unbelief, and library collections on unbelief highlight areas where further scholarly attention to unbelief would be especially in order.
The Riddle of Hume's Treatise: Skepticism, Naturalism, and Irreligion.
Irreligion in Europe is the anomaly, and the "hot religion" (namely Evangelical Protestantism) of the United States is the future.