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This tiny difference, Agamben glosses, introduces a supplementary possibility in the irreparability of the world; it restores the world to its potentiality (see CV, 46-47) and therefore represents, de la Durantaye adds, the motor of the coming politics, "because it represents the effort to see the world as nothing more than it is--to construct world politics not on the basis of a sacred order to come, but instead on a profane order that is already right before our eyes and that is the only world we have ever known .
109 (2001); Doug Rendleman, Irreparability Resurrected?
This is why the only punishment that would be fully commensurate with evil in its irreparability and irreversibility would be a punishment without end.
resulted in the revival of the relative strength of the parties' cases as a proper factor to consider in any application for an interlocutory injunction--along with irreparability of the harm and the balance of inconvenience.
123) It is probably unnecessary to repeat at this point that the irreparability of the harm prong will always have to be met.
Irreparability or inadequacy of awards may be understood as
These alternative understandings of irreparability and
Moreover, the concept of irreparability is actually
that a given harm or benefit is irreparable and why irreparability is
2004), in which the indeterminate duration of an injury was central to finding irreparability of the harm).
T]he degree of irreparability is very high, so that the risk of such a loss weighs heavily in favor of preliminary relief.
169) While scholars often use the inadequacy and irreparability rules as synonyms, some formulations tend to list them as independent factors that need to be satisfied separately, though it is far from obvious that the content needed to satisfy each of them differs significantly.