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6% of the variance in SP is explained by irreplaceability.
Like the Cellini Saltcellar, both these pieces certainly satisfy the criterion of irreplaceability.
Due to the irreplaceability of the collection materials as well as the innumerable variations in physical condition and storage needs, these collections present a great many challenges to preservation and conservation professionals.
A revisioning of Christian theology seeks to recover the primacy of the uniqueness and irreplaceability of the Individual from the expansive vision of totalizing doctrinal formulations and systems that function, In effect, without reference to the subject.
If at times we seem, like Tertullian himself, to be on the brink of a dark age for learning, then we must renew and expand our efforts to remind our administrators and our users of the centrality and irreplaceability of the book.
The irony is that, for women to accomplish a recovery of Mary on our own terms, we would have to realize the distinctness and irreplaceability of our way of being embodied in the world.
the object's monetary worth, uniqueness, irreplaceability, design, style, or color; the "ambiance" it provides; its being a part of the decor or part of a collection)
During this landing, women begin to recognize the "Myths of Irreplaceability and Individual Recognition.
Permanency planning recognizes the importance of and irreplaceability of family ties and, therefore, requires substantial effort to ensure ongoing parental contact after placement to facilitate family reunification.
For that reason, working with your customers to improve their overall wellbeing may be a unique way to generate an emotional connection and create that level of irreplaceability.
Eisner] spent a lot of time creating this myth of irreplaceability.