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Home gardeners can become a small but significant link in the chain: by finding, growing, saving, increasing, and sharing special seeds; by patronizing the seed companies that carry these varieties (or the local growers who do); and by supporting the work of organizations that are helping to preserve this irreplaceable genetic heritage for future generations to enjoy.
It can result in the loss of irreplaceable information or files which, in turn, can trigger a chain-reaction of negative events, including lost revenue, lost opportunity, customer dissatisfaction, shareholder insecurity and damaged corporate image.
Cook and Graham(10) have shown that the values for a normal irreplaceable commodity have the following ranking: insurance < ransom < protection < compensation.
If this deliberate vandalism goes ahead then the borough council will be complicit in the further destruction of a piece of visual and irreplaceable history in our borough, of some considerable age, which we townsfolk like to have, see and enjoy.
on behalf of an elderly attorney who lost irreplaceable capital despite stating in his investment profile that he could "never" afford a capital loss in his portfolio's value.
From a development perspective, Steve Kohn, president of Sonnenblick Goldman notes, "The proposed master development will fully realize the value of the irreplaceable real estate and augment the site's importance as a world-class destination and gateway for both visitors and residents of Beverly Hills.
Trouble is, Rhodri may be indispensable as well as irreplaceable.
It reminds consumers that Heinz Tomato Ketchup is so irreplaceable that you don't have to see it to know what it is," said Mike Docherty, brand marketing manager.
The phone is of no great value but it contains pictures of her baby which are irreplaceable to her.
IRREPLACEABLE jewellery worth thousands of pounds has been stolen by burglars who struck at a Calderdale home.
Lukaku is an irreplaceable footballer and that is a reality," he said.