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In an age of massive impersonal forces, we need an affirmation that we count individually and irreplaceably.
Everyone would prefer to pay a fine and to have their neighbor pay a fine rather than having their or their neighbor's crop fields irreplaceably damaged by livestock.
It was famously The Day The World Changed and the day the New York skyline was irreplaceably altered.
There will be little enthusiasm in the public mind or in the mills of policy to define the "good institution," to recognize what human ends and needs the nursing home irreplaceably serves.
I pointed out to the councillor that felling the trees would be a hugely unpopular decision as the unique ambience of The Hayes would be irreplaceably lost along with them.
In an age of massive impersonal forces - the global economy, the earth's environment, international politics, instant worldwide communication - we need an affirmation that we count, individually and irreplaceably.