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Since every irresolute topological group is semi topological group with respect to irresoluteness, and by (Theorem 4.
Theorem 42 Let be a semi topological group with respect to irresoluteness, where all the translations are also open.
Compounding the enervating frivolities of consumerism, it was contended, was the nation's irresoluteness over the question of military service.
As a writer, she encompassed all modes from the undeclared irresoluteness James and his fellow aesthetes called art to invigorating, incisive polemic: Votes for Women is political theatre at its rousing best, while its novelization The Convert simulates (or parodies?
The evening concludes with a witty, 18th-century-style epilogue in rhyming couplets, apologizing, tongue in cheek, for the irresoluteness of the ending.
However, the major interpretive problem that we confront here seems to be that while femaleness as we encounter it in Okonkwo's mother's tale is a superior, stronger entity which confronts male identity with belittlement and insecurity, femaleness, as Okonkwo encodes it, is the exact opposite: weakness, fecklessness, cowardice, irresoluteness, sentimentality.
The audience might well reflect on the alternative outcomes to their curious journey and the irresoluteness implicit in their desire to see into the mystery and to attain Charles's comfortable condition.
33) The irresoluteness of "weak minds," in short, makes them poor allies for reform; they are like travelers who, lost in the forest, "wander about," or "worse still, stop in one place"--two options that reproduce as metaphor the difference between the two sorts of "weak minds.
As Arminius Vambery charges in The Coming Struggle for India (1885), condemning British irresoluteness over Russian designs on Afghanistan, it is "Mr.