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The troops of the left flank, infantry and hussars alike, felt that the commander did not himself know what to do, and this irresolution communicated itself to the men.
With Barrington it did not appear to be a silence of irresolution.
Once with this concept of action clear in his brain, without timidities of hesitation and irresolution, he trotted aft down the long hall.
They came to a halt beyond the house, and, after much irresolution, sat down in the sand.
After remaining at and about the spot for some time, with aimless irresolution, the three men returned to Leamington, told their astonishing story and were afterward taken into custody.
Worn out with emotion, irresolution and despondency, I had retired early and fallen into such sleep as was still possible to me.
There was no help for it but to master her own irresolution, and to run the risk boldly.
The sense of her own irresolution wrung from her a low exclamation of despair.
The young lady shrieked, the attendant wrung her hands, Nicholas gazed from one to the other in apparent stupefaction, and Newman hurried to and fro, thrusting his hands into all his pockets successively, and drawing out the linings of every one in the excess of his irresolution.
His face showed irresolution, and a seeking for counsel, support, and guidance in a matter he did not understand.
The hour of my irresolution is past, and the period of your power is arrived.
On our way to the house, this morning, he consulted me, with some nervous impatience and irresolution, about a letter