irrespective of

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Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton said: "We're committed to ensuring that everyone with mesothelioma can receive compensation, irrespective of their employment history.
Building owners must prepare to accept numerous modifications to existing laws and realize the laws applied will likely extend into other occupancies groups to improve all buildings safety irrespective of their zoning classification.
But the greatest victory is that the expectation of the electorate, irrespective of their political opinions, has been fulfilled.
Irrespective of an individual's skill level or contribution to the group, people who do not support the team need to leave the organization.
Our response, quoted in our in-house journal, is that all members, irrespective of alleged offence, have the right to a fair hearing.
Recycled paper properties depended upon the final drying process employed, irrespective of the drying process used in previous recycling stages.
However, irrespective of a few caveats, this book is a sane and readable account of the importance of trinitarian theology to be welcomed by students, clergy, and lay readers.
The majority of sites, irrespective of ideology, explain mifepristone's mode of action (87-94%) and efficiency (78-94%), and discuss the pain and bleeding associated with the procedure (67-81%).
We found these benefits in these high-risk individuals irrespective of their cholesterol levels," he says.
Higher maternal age was a significant risk irrespective of the number of previous miscarriages, parity or calendar period.
Cyberlane will pay QUALCOMM ongoing royalties at the same rates for second generation and 3G equipment, irrespective of the licensed CDMA standard implemented.
It is a gift of grace entrusted by God to all human beings irrespective of race, gender, class, creed or religion.