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For instance, T3151 is a unique mutation making the CML patient irresponsive to most TKIs (excluding ponatinib) and leads allografting to become an option in the case (15).
3) showed left ventricle systolic functions did not change and irresponsive to even if right ventricle systolic pressures decreased in patients with pulmonary hypertension.
01 this latter form of vertical trust appears almost irresponsive to positional concerns.
It should be noted that in the case of irresponsive governance, religion can easily serve as succour.
It is also interesting to note that for extremely high opposing flows the model gets irresponsive to changes in the A parameter, as the capacity tends to zero.
Agricultural and rural development initiatives are frequently characterized by a failure to understand the significance of gender issues and this problem is at least in part due to the gender irresponsive curriculum at the educational institutions where agricultural and rural development students are taught.
In the majority of critical readings of Henry V, ideology is located in some disembodied frame or source of power, constructing emotional responses in otherwise irresponsive individuals.
Employing a new historicist perspective of the Rwanda imbroglio and that of the entire Great Lakes region, Oshita Oshita implicates the politics of cultural and ethnic pluralism, irresponsible and irresponsive governments, the violence of colonial history and the involvement of foreign concerns in the mineral resources in the region.
There is enough unity of vision in the works and political actions of Nigerian writers across the so-called generational categories to suggest that branding some as socially irresponsive was faulty.
The result of this irresponsive supply-side is that sudden changes in demand are mainly reflected through price changes rather than extra supply.
72) But as immigration laws became restrictive and irresponsive to labor needs, the increasing number of undocumented entrants over the years, combined with the movement of Mexican workers into jobs outside of agriculture and to locations beyond the southwest, changed the public and political consciousness to the current emphasis on enforcement and the rule of law.