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Head of Lebanese Pilot Association Fadi Khalil told The Daily Star earlier the strike was announced in a reaction to MEA's management irresponsiveness to the association's demand.
President Sarkozy deserves some credit for expressing his deep regret for Netanyahu's irresponsiveness to his calls for a halt to settlement activity.
Due to this substitution, the enzyme show irresponsiveness for their coenzyme PLP (pyridoxal phosphate) and reduce to catalyze homocysteine metabolism, hence, pyridoxine treatment can decrease the hyperhomocysteinemia.
67) Reacting to the private sector's irresponsiveness to his initial plea, Singh has warned that "strong measures" will be taken if companies do not voluntarily implement employment equalizing schemes.
1995), assessed with six indicators--hostility/aggression, negative self-esteem, negative self-adequacy, emotional irresponsiveness, emotional instability, and negative worldview (Khaleque & Rohner, 2002; Lila, Garcia, & Gracia, 2007); (3) personal competence (e.