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At the same time, because they are constant reminders of what was and no longer is, "Aqebot" points to the irretrievability of the past, the impotence and, hence, the burden of memory.
Bridging the distance between then and now requires an acknowledgement of the past's foreignness, and even its irretrievability.
In the last, Singh's long association with archives--the decaying files and musty volumes that, like museums, acknowledge the irretrievability of the very past they preserve--has come full circle.
Anselm Haverkamp understands photographs to be visual citations from and about history: they not only show people and/or objects at a certain moment in time, but also indicate the irretrievability of that moment, the being given-to-death of the person and/or object in the photograph.
The irretrievability of this form of popular theater makes this new study all the more valuable.
Although the new dimension explored by gothic presumably could stand for a recondite homosexual "truth," gothic form in actuality continually strives for an intensification of the irretrievability of a conclusive authenticity.
Krzysztof Varga, for his part, looks upon this age of boyhood with a suspicious or skeptical eye; while his senior contemporaries Julian Kornhauser and Jerzy Pilch return to times past primarily to reveal the discontinuity of life, the very irretrievability of time gone by, and the untranslatability of those past experiences into their present.
How true Bottero's judgment is about irretrievability can be gauged by comparing the list of thirty-six ingredients (in addition to meat and water) compiled in the table printed on p.
To give up the goals, of course, would be to admit the ultimate irretrievability, or the undesirability, of the object - an option the depressive of course finds intolerable.