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Andrew Tyrie, chair of the committee, which oversees financial legislation, said, 'It is important that banks are transparent about these matters and do not, as previously, solely report the sums which are irretrievable.
A return to England colours seems highly unlikely for Pietersen, with events such as a recent Twitter spat with Matthew Prior suggesting that the situation is irretrievable, but Watson thinks the arrival of a new head coach this summer offers some hope.
The order states that there was a grave apprehension that the Cultural Festival at the UNESCO's World Heritage site, in case extreme care is not taken by the organizers in making arrangement for such festival, may cause irretrievable damage to the site, which will be a great national tragedy.
It is a normal practice in financial institutions to allow a percentage of their profit to fall into doubtful account - implying that the money is irretrievable.
According to the reports of 33 per cent of victims, the money was most often irretrievable if it had been stolen during an e-payment operation.
The club axed Di Canio after just 175 days on September 22 following the irretrievable breakdown of the relationship between he and his players.
But Robson insists the situation is not irretrievable, saying: "I don't know what's in the head of Wayne and his agent - why he wants to leave.
Yesterday Dr Lundy said: "I think the HET as an organisation itself is irretrievable at this point.
Don't be told that the data is irretrievable, bring it to us.
Dutch firm Spyker claims GM sent its newly-acquired holding into an irretrievable nosedive by interfering with a potential sale.
If the additional sanction was to remain in place for all or the material part of the transfer window the prejudice on the petitioners would be utterly irretrievable.
They have also allowed the parcels office to be vandalised and damaged, no doubt in the hope that its existence is irretrievable and demolition the only option.