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Unconsciousness, per se, even if irreversible, is ontologically a cognitive disability, and not death.
Irreversible MAO inhibitors include phenelzine, tranylcypromine, isocarboxazid, hypericin, and nialamide, all of which are non-specific.
Repeated exposure may kill them, which may lead to irreversible noise-induced hearing loss; a condition already suffered by 10 million Americans.
In a recent survey of 1,500 Canadian adults, researchers found excessively high intakes of vitamin A (associated with liver damage and birth defects), niacin (associated with heart palpitations) and B6 (high levels can cause irreversible nerve damage).
Our mortality and our weakness of judgment together warn us not to take irreversible actions .
Critics who have seen Irreversible, which is subtitled, said it is more violent and more shocking than Crash.
10, he asserted, "I believe there are some long-term demographic, socioeconomic, cultural and political trends that make the movement of the South into a Republican region inexorable and irreversible.
Daniel Haber and his colleagues at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston are getting encouraging results with an irreversible inhibitor called Hki-272.
We argue that a study that intentionally exposes humans subjects to pesticides should be permitted if a) the knowledge gained from the study is expected to promote human health; b) the knowledge cannot be reasonably obtained by other means; c) the study is not expected to cause serious or irreversible harm to the subjects; and d) appropriate safeguards are in place to minimize harm to the subjects.
The situation is most abstruse as there are no cherubs, no angels, no fluffy clouds- none of his expectations of beyond; he soon accedes to his irreversible situation.
In the universe, the passing of physical time cannot be clearly perceived as matter and space directly; one can perceive only irreversible physical, chemical and biological changes in material media.
Don't confuse the irreversible trend with Friedman's "system" of globalization.