irrevocable decision

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This annuitization process involves an irrevocable decision to accept a payment for the annuitant's life or a term of years, usually no fewer than five.
It added that it had coordinated with the Cabinet's Fatwa and Legislation Department to take necessary legal procedures to stop the enforcement of the court ruling, noting that it is not an irrevocable decision.
Now we have a more important, irrevocable decision and no study committee is needed?
We are not for or against any specific alternative proposals for the route of a new M4 relief road but we do feel strongly that all options should be fully explored before an irrevocable decision is taken on a route that could seriously harm one of Wales' most strategically important ports.
With people spending longer in retirement the need to make the best possible decision is crucial especially given that many of the options available result in an irrevocable decision.
It is the right time for the Pakistani democratic government to take the irrevocable decision and even to identify the real threat and enemy, who has strengthened back support from abroad being situated in the country.
As pioneers of the Fixed Term Annuity we believe that retirees should be made aware of alternatives to the lifetime annuity before making an irrevocable decision that they may come to regret.
The important thing is that such a decision is made and it was confirmed that the chapter is opened in an irrevocable decision," Davutoy-lu told reporters following a parliamentary meeting on Tuesday.
This is our irrevocable decision and we are not intended to make any change in it," he said ruling out the previous such separation of MQM but later on it rejoined the coalition government with the PPP.
ae/sport/football/victor-valdes-to-leave-barcelona) released a statement this week to announce he was leaving the club to find new challenges, saying: "The agents of Victor Valdes have communicated to Barcelona in a meeting held this afternoon the irrevocable decision of the player to not renew his contract.
Convinced that Waleed is plotting an attack, Edward tears up the rule book and makes an irrevocable decision.
Please reconsider and avoid making an irrevocable decision.