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IRRIGATION. The act of wetting or moistening the ground by artificial means.
     2. The owner of land over which there is a current stream, is, as such, the proprietor of the current. 4 Mason's R. 400. It seems the riparian proprietor may avail himself of the river for irrigation, provided the river be not thereby materially lessened, and the water absorbed be imperceptible or trifling. Ang. W. C. 34; and vide 1 Root's R. 535; 8 Greenl. R. 266; 2 Conn. R. 584; 2 Swift's Syst. 87; 7 Mass. R. 136; 13 Mass. R. 420; 1 Swift's Dig. 111; 5 Pick. R. 175; 9 Pick. 59; 6 Bing. R. 379; 5 Esp. R. 56; 2 Conn. R. 584; Ham. N. P. 199; 2 Chit. Bl. Com. 403, n. 7; 22 Vin. Ab. 525; 1 Vin. Ab. 657; Bac. Ab. Action on the case, F. The French law coincides with our own. 1 Lois des Batimens, sect. 1, art. 3, page 21.

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In April, the crop should be irrigated with short span but more frequently, they said adding that watering becomes more important in harsh weather conditions, says a release of agriculture department issued here on Monday.
HB 7115 seeks to penalize the conversion or causing the conversion of irrigated and irrigable lands.
In past, Kirthar Canal was irrigated some land of Sindh in the Jhal Magsi areas.
Growth analyzes were performed twice a month in 10 plants, five of which were irrigated and five were non-irrigated: i) plant height (PH) - measurements from the plant soil surface to the apex; (Ii) stem height (SH) - measure from the soil surface to the insertion of the first leaf; (Iii) stem diameter (SD) - measured 3 cm from the soil surface; Iv) number of leaves (NL) and leaflets (NLL) - the total number of leaves and leaflets per plant were counted; V) leaf area: leaf area (LA) was estimated from leaf length (L) and width (W) of the leaflets (50 leaflets per plant), in order to obtain a regression equation (LA=0.
When all plants are irrigated uniformly, there will be improved crop quality across the field, resulting in the grower's ability to maximize returns, especially for vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and onions.
7 million hectares of rice-producing farms were irrigated and half a million hectares could still be irrigated.
The exploratory drilling program is the next stage of water investigations in the Irwin area near Dongara after being identified as a potential irrigated agriculture focus area," Ms Davies said.
Cu, Cd and Fe contents in sewage water irrigated soils were found above the maximum permissible limits, while Pb, Ni and Cr contents were within safer limits.
Their topics include evapotranspiration with distant weather stations, weed management in crops with micro irrigation, energy cost in drip-irrigated peach orchards, water productivity and fertilizer use efficiency of drip irrigated maize, salt distribution under subsurface textile irrigation and drip irrigated citrus and a design for a corn planter for subsurface micro irrigation.
When using a viscocannula to fracture the nucleus, the AC can be constantly irrigated with viscoelastic substance.
Depending on the quality of wastewater, as well as the soil characteristics and crop type, irrigation can have benefits including increased plant and animal productivity on the irrigated area, particularly when the available soil moisture or nutrients may be limiting (Ross et al.
SIDI BOUZID, (TAP)- Despite its promising prospects, the sector of irrigated agriculture is going through several difficulties in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid, related basically to the cost of water irrigation, equipment maintenance and marketing the product, reads a report published by the Regional Directorate of Agricultural Development.