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The guest made an impatient gesture of the hand, and addressed Hepzibah with what might easily be recognized as the licensed irritability of a petted member of the family.
Philip found him, except for the irritability which was a symptom of his disease, an easy guest.
Nastasia smiled amiably at him; but evidently her depression and irritability were increasing with every moment.
You make me so--" She spoke with unusual irritability, and Ralph, noticing it with surprise, sat down at once.
He remembered Will's irritability when he had mentioned Mrs.
Then, I would carefully refrain from all useless irritability and indulgence of my own ill-temper: when they behaved tolerably, I would be as kind and obliging as it was in my power to be, in order to make the widest possible distinction between good and bad conduct; I would reason with them, too, in the simplest and most effective manner.
She was silent then, and Trent was far from being discouraged by her momentary irritability.
Miss Ladd's drawing-master was in that state of nervous irritability which seeks relief in rapidity of motion.
He resented Crayford's conduct with needless irritability.
Van Brandt suffers habitually from nervous irritability, and he felt particularly ill last night.
As to the other symptoms, except weakness from lying in bed, and irritability of temper, there was really nothing the matter with her.
She made her excuses for her irritability with a grace that enchanted him.