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The first was to snap irritably at two who were chatting during an absorbing lecture on King Lear and the second being commiserated with regarding a personal matter.
Frontman Luke Pritchard owned the small stage as he rattled through the band's crowd-pleasing tunes, including irritably catchy Seaside and best-seller Naive.
In a heated section of the event in which the two took turns cross-examining each other, Darling snapped "you don't have to lecture me", while Salmond said irritably "you don't have to point Alistair".
Then irritably, "What's the matter with your budgie?
Kennedy is variously described as speaking impatiently, irritably, tersely, and half-heartedly; he retorts, concedes, acquiesces, and stresses.
The second telephoned whilst I was driving irritably through the rush-hour jams a couple of weeks later and I'm afraid I was less than polite after pulling into a lay-by.
At the concert, the orchestra probably expected me to start irritably.
Just looks at me and then at Hardy, who snaps the word "procedure" in such an irritably waspish tone that I actually gawp at her.
He is ever irritably reaching after fact and reason, and Iago knows that he must satisfy this craving for the empirical.
If we take "Race Change Operation" as utterly satiric, voicing ironic contempt for the status signifiers of the "establishment," then what are we to make of another poem, "The Judges of Craft," in which Ellis irritably incorporates a series of his personal rejection notes from magazines?
Sean Penn irritably came to Law's defense later in the evening when he took the stage as a presenter.