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It would only irritate her and drive her to some coup de tete.
There is nothing does irritate me more than seeing other people sitting about doing nothing when I'm working.
Because I admired these barbarities of Poe's, I wished to irritate them, to spit some hapless victim on my own spear, to make him suffer and to make the reader laugh.
I think it right," said this gentleman, "to warn you, before you see the patient, to be very careful how you speak to her, and not to irritate her by showing any surprise or expressing any doubts if she talks to you in an extravagant manner.
Let me beg you, madam," said the parson, "not to irritate his worship.
It irritated me, maddened me, as nothing else under the sun could irritate or madden me.
What we recognise in a man, we also irritate in him.
When we quarrelled, I usually held my tongue and did not irritate her and that gentlemanly conduct rarely failed to attain its object, it influenced her, it pleased her, indeed.
Well, after what you have said, I am fully convinced that you have come to Petersburg with designs on my sister," he said directly to Svidrigailov, in order to irritate him further.
I will leave you with this thought, and probably live to regret it, what irritates you about me?
The thought of it actually makes me feel sick and he irritates me.