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2008) suggested that irruptions occur about once in every 4 years and we apply this frequency to derive a quantitative lower boundary for an irruption year.
Geoff LeBaron, director of the Audubon Society's Christmas bird count, said it was hard to estimate how many snowy owls flew south in this irruption because the latest data has not been tallied, but the overall number was probably a few thousand.
He pointed out that in some years, a so-called irruption of Great Spotted Woodpeckers - the commonest species on the Continent occurs.
His irruption into the history of the colonized people is deified, transformed into absolute necessity," as Frantz Fanon puts it.
It is not so much a long line stretched out in time as the gathering of time itself into God's eternity, the irruption into this present age of the eschaton, or age to come.
The two chapters that fall outside specifically South African literary subject-matter (Ettinger on "matrixial transference"--an unconscious feminine irruption of ethics in aesthetics--and Harel on HOeg's The woman and the ape, the latter illustrative of "interspecies liminality") are illuminating in their own right.
The gradual attenuation of stream of consciousness over the novel's course, as well as the irruption of the future into the present, perhaps also are intended to mimic the greater awareness of a twelve-year old in the novel's last chapter as opposed to the baby who is introduced in its first pages.
carcasses) for scavengers has decreased during the latest decades mainly due to stricter sanitary legislation which, after the irruption of the BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy), have lead to removal of all livestock carcasses and human hunter kills from the field.
That observation is especially relevant in light of other developments, including the rejection of magical realist fiction by a number of emerging as well as established authors, the irruption in Latin America of testimonio,3 and the prominence of documentary fiction, of a new kind of realism, in India and other parts of the world.
Un grand nombre de chars d'assaut et de bulldozers israE[umlaut]liens ont fait irruption samedi matin dans la ville palestinienne de Rafah, situE[umlaut]e dans le sud de la bande de Gaza, oE plusieurs Palestiniens ont E[umlaut]tE[umlaut] arrE[logical not]tE[umlaut]s Ea cette occasion, ont rapportE[umlaut] des sources de sE[umlaut]curitE[umlaut] palestiniennes.
And maybe, for all of us here in South-East Wales, it is easy to be generous-spirited and regard the recent irruption of red and white flags as just a harmless bit of fun.