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Feeling therefore is an aspect and an inconsistent aspect in knowing it is not a separate and isolable phase.
She corroborates that coupling in "On Style": "Awareness of style as a problematic and isolable element in a work of art has emerged in the audience for art only at certain historical moments--as a front behind which other issues, ultimately ethical and political, are being debated.
Rather, he sees individual readers as falling into isolable patterns according to their "decision style.
Thus, infibulation was not an obsolete or isolable 'trait' that the British could extract from its cultural matrix like a rotten tooth or could expect women to discard on their advice.
118) As such, the systems view treats things as "integrated wholes of their subsidiary components and never as the mechanistic aggregate of parts in isolable causal relations.
On the other hand, the triads borrow the logic of tribal gift-giving practices in the sense that their "gift" is not an isolable element but something that comes to have a claim on Chen's whole personality and, ultimately, on his life.
In the chapter Language and the Structure of Thought, she argues that language reflected and encouraged a certain worldview such as a concern with the whole rather than with isolable individualities.
Results indicate the removal of significant quantities of contaminant fullerenes with isolable amounts of unreacted MNFs.
Specifically, the uncertainty of in-group/out-group divisions and in-group hierarchies is not a matter of isolable incidents, such as the killing of a guiltless youth, rare deviations that necessitate temporary penance in an epilogue of suffering.
C'est en effet uniquement <h> qui, parmi les autres lettres, est revetue d'une valeur pour ainsi dire distinctive, qui depasse la singularite et le caractere isolable du signe graphique pour s'etendre a toute la chaine des lettres et sans lequel, puisque hanc similitudinem habent etiam animalia (92), on devrait se demander si queedam debent ergo illa animalia appellari homines (93).
Likewise, such law may not be isolable to this Land Trust and thus this body of Land Trust residents.