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It is usually unclear whether there is any isolable origin to this sequence, or even whether it makes sense to ask about such an origin.
Nonetheless, this pairing of chapters on the countryside and city reads as an isolable unit, taking us through the Miller's and Reeve's Tales and those of the Friar and the Summoner in Fragment III, as well as examples of village structures in the Decameron; and, in `Absent city', charters, the letter-books of the court of the mayor and aldermen in the Guildhall, Boccaccio's tale of Cisti the baker, and the Cook's Tale, which for Wallace again suggests Chaucer's awareness of the limits of associational ideology given the politics of London.
Even assuming that certain isolable ailments could be dealt with by genetic engineering, the approach to avoiding the not-so-deadly sins must be intelligent and cautious; we work toward developing protocols and therapies experimentally and gradually.
Rather, as an intertextual approach insists, "every text is a network of texts, replete with echoes of earlier texts, with no necessarily isolable locus of value or meaning" (Payne and Fleming 12).
And other critics, such as Lentricchia, point out that the claim to find in certain language an isolable, purely literary form is itself not only a literary but a political claim, one whose form is all too readily associated with elitist, perhaps even fascistic, designs on the uses of the academy.
to replace an instrumental theory of reason, implying a detached self who knows the world through a system of signs, with a mode of thought that places such knowledge within an ethical context that at least implicitly questions the primacy of an isolable epistemology employed by an isolable subject.
His most recent efforts have been directed towards solid-state NMR and x-ray crystallographic studies of isolable carbocations, the thermal and photochemistry of iminium salts related to the visual pigments, and the use of photochemical methods for the fabrication of charge-mosaic piezodialysis membranes.
Segmented information The Company carries on its activities primarily in only one isolable segment.
Tennyson's "I" contradicts what is essential to the lyric "I"--the idea that there is something individual and isolable, something private and particular about experience, action, and will that generates a position of speech, encompassed by the border we designate as the body.
For Bergson writes just prior to the passage previously cited: "matter has a tendency to constitute isolable systems, that can be treated geometrically.
All of this lends weight to Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of the "dialogic imagination," which "displaces the essentialist ideology of individualism that makes of the 'self' an atomized privacy, a unified and unique core isolable from society and 'representable' in autobiography" (Smith 48).