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colony/mycelial growth, growth rate, colony appearance, margin, sporulation and concentric zonation etc in respect of 20 test isolates of A.
aureus isolates positive for sdrC, sdrD, and sdrE determined by PCR and DNA sequencing were used as control strain for every PCR assay for the detection of sdrC, sdrD, and sdrE.
Six isolates from the west and southwestern area were SNP-type 1, 13 isolates were SNP-type 2, and 45 isolates were SNP-type 3 respectively.
Genotypic characterization of Enterobacter sakazakii isolates by PFGE, BOX-PCR, and sequencing of the fliC gene.
The percentage of isolates causing nonmeningeal syndromes that were nonsusceptible to penicillin ranged from 24.
If the results hold up, the viral isolate should be useful in a number of ways.
20) In this study, the isolates of the 30 HCFMB-UNESP wards were divided into complexes according to specialties: Internal Medicine Wards, Surgery Wards, Pediatric Wards, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Emergency Room, Intensive Care Units, and other wards.
Serotyping of European isolates of Chlamydia psittaci from poultry and other birds.
Reporting of the most prevalent enterovirus serotypes may assist diagnostic laboratories in the rapid identification of enterovirus isolates and public health officials in recognizing and controlling outbreaks of enteroviral disease.
Levy and others suggest that tracking HIV isolates as they change in vivo will help explain the symptomatic course of the disease.
today announced that clinicians at Duke University Medical School have used its ALDESORT product to isolate stem cells from cord blood and safely infused these cells into patients.
Reports of MRSA infection and colonization in pets have indicated that pets tend to be infected with isolates that are consistent with