issue an invitation

See: call, summon
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The Parliament of Pakistan can not issue an invitation to the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Assembly to attend 61st Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, as it would be in violation of the UNSC Resolutions.
Today's first reading sees Deutero-Isaiah issue an invitation in the Lord's name: Come, drink, eat, listen, seek the Lord, turn to God for mercy, forsake evil and turn to God, who is generous in forgiving.
Prepare a Mass One-Stop+ funding application for submission to DHCD o n N o v e m b e r 21, 2014 (DHCD must issue an invitation to the sponsor to submit a full application.
At first I thought our family would issue an invitation to our guest list just mentioning my son and the celebration, and my friend would do the same for her son.
The up in sales made Lego chiefs issue an invitation to Becks, wife Victoria and their sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to visit their head office in Billund, Denmark - home of the original Legoland park.
KJO will issue an invitation to bid (PMC-ITB) in October and expects to award the contract in the first quarter of 2010.
May we issue an invitation to Mr Collins and all patients of Gwrych Medical Centre to attend an AGM meeting of our group on Wednesday April 28 at 7pm in the centre.
The Labour Relations Commission is expected to issue an invitation to managers and unions at the airline to talks on Saturday and Sunday in a bid to prevent a stoppage at the airline on Tuesday.
The aim is to issue an invitation to tender for these services in summer 2005.
The shock news of Attheraces' possible termination of the ten-year contract with the 49 racecourses next month led David Craven, consultant to the new channel, to issue an invitation to the courses.
South Korean President Kim Dae Jung, who is now in Japan, reportedly plans to issue an invitation in person to Emperor Akihito to visit South Korea.
When somebody tells us they are coming, we issue an invitation.