issue threats

See: coerce
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It would appear that his response to "an open revolt" is to issue threats.
Also, the recent storm intensified polarization within the sector, as some pro-government columnists, acting as "hit men" now ruthlessly issue threats to those on the side of truth.
South Korean activists have in the past sent anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border, prompting North Korea to issue threats of an attack.
Racist murderer Shahid - who kidnapped, tortured and murdered 15-year-old Kriss in 2004 - used the phone to issue threats.
Despite being told to drop the knife because he was frightening the children, he continued to issue threats.
The Raptor claims to be behind last month's attack on Al Qaeda's main online forum, Shamukh Islamic Network, and a handful of other sites and forums, including Ansar al-Mujahideen, where jihadists congregate online to issue threats and encourage one another to acts of terror.
That was why Washington had come down to issue threats to this nation.
They are a failed party, yet they issue threats to the Government.
PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias called yesterday for the armed forces to show "vigilance and readiness" in the face of Turkish threats over the island's intention to exploit potential hydrocarbon reserves in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), as the EU told Turkey for the second time not to issue threats against Cyprus.
He questioned who gave Hezbollah the right to issue threats about oil in Lebanese regional waters without referring back to official Lebanese authorities and the will of the Lebanese people.
This calls on Syria to clarify matters, especially when some of its allies, after visiting it, issue threats and accusations and escalate the situation," Ziyabi added.
And they were very angry that he and his colleague took the opportunity to issue threats.