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It's early days but if they end up dating then anything with Caggie will have to stop.
I know it's early days but I would like to see both, especially Le Tallec, given a place in the starting 11 alongside Stevie G and Didi H.
Asked by Finnigan whether she was seeing "this bloke from Five", Mel (above) replied: "He's a very good friend of mine but it's early days - so who knows?
It's early days for Kempton, lessons will be learned - so just lay off and stop being so bloody British.
It's alarming for me, I know it's early days but alarm bells are ringing.
Of course, it's early days and these top ten can still redeem themselves - and if they do Fire Starter could still just be vulnerable as he has only three of them.
No one has come in to say they've won it yet, but it's early days and hopefully we'll know this morning.
I know it's early days, but something has to be sorted out otherwise XScape will lose a lot of business.
It's early days between them and they are both trying to keep it under wraps.
We've been playing quite well, it's early days still and we have only played six games and won four, but as I said, you need to win these games because this is as tough a league as it's ever been, there are some really good sides this season.
Even though it's early days we need to stayin touch with the team above us.
It's early days and my feeling is that he wants plenty of practice.