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salary basis plus an itemized list of any other fees or costs.
Residents must provide an itemized list of the bulk items, must provide proof of residency upon arrival, and must pay with either exact cash or a check made out to the city.
The company has included an itemized list of its costs from the five-month trial in new court documents, including 540,000 dollars for models and blow-up court exhibits, 118,000 dollars for unnecessary depositions, 53,000 dollars for process servers and 20,000 dollars for 1,000 pages of jury instructions and other documents.
Make an itemized list of all the storm-related damage.
Texas politicians and PACs regularly report their financial activities to the Texas Ethics Commission and are required to provide an itemized list of each individual contribution to their cause.
HYDERABAD, January 07, 2011 (Balochistan Times): With the start of the new calendar year, Education Department Hyderabad has launched a school census and a survey to collect an itemized list of facilities required by the schools.
A new shopping cart feature that puts each final order into a concise, itemized list with the option to edit, add or delete products at any point in the ordering process.
An itemized list of the more than 600 products covered in the directory can be found beginning on page 9.
Each project also includes detailed instructions, an itemized list of necessary materials, and an enlarged drawing of unique bead arrangements.
It can obtain an itemized list of all the emails sent and received by the target of the NSL, and it can then seek information on individuals communicating with that person.
That is particularly true of first-time homeowners, who at a minimum should be provided an opportunity to review an itemized list of the costs and services they incur when buying a home.
The itemized list was partially created from http://depts.