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The items of business to be considered at the reconvened Special Meeting are described in U.
The amendments entail in essence that the following new items of business will be included on the agenda of annual general meetings: Election of the Chairman of the Board, Appointment of a nominating committee, and Approval of a policy on remuneration and other terms of employment for senior management.
Ophir") is pleased to announce that the shareholders of Ophir approved all of the items of business at the annual and special meeting of shareholders held today, including approval of the merger with Coal Investment Corp.
There were four items of business before the annual shareholder meeting: (1) The election of four Class III Directors; (2) Ratifying the selection of KPMG LLP as the Company's independent auditor; (3) Approval of the 2005 Independent Bank Corp.
The company acted on two items of business during the annual meeting.
In addition to passage of items of business as recommended by the Board of Directors, the shareholders were advised of a record setting year 2000 financial performance, which was followed by the Company's record setting performance for the First Quarter of 2001.
intends additional items of business to be addressed at the Company's Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 31, 2000, namely ratification of share options previously issued in excess of the number authorized under the Company's Stock Option Plan (the "Plan") and amendment of such Plan.
At this meeting the shareholders will be asked to consider and to vote on several items of business to be put forth.
The items of business to be considered at the reconvened annual meeting are described in Elite's proxy statement to stockholders dated May 19, 2000.
In addition to the ratification of these items of business, Kirk A.
When we combined with Boole & Babbage and New Dimension Software, one of the first items of business was finding additional space for our growing development, sales and marketing teams in the Silicon Valley, Atlanta and Southern California.
Following the regularly scheduled items of business, including election of directors and appointment of auditors, UDS Vice-Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Jean Gaulin is to talk about the company, its future and the industry in general.