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Combining elements of males and females, they are ithyphallic but wear female headwear, a decoration on the chest, and sometimes a mask.
Further north, the fragmentary figures from Nesactium in Istria (present-day Croatia) provide parallels for ithyphallic stone statuary in an Iron Age funerary context.
Joshi in a personal communication says that as there are no marks to indicate that the figure illustrated by Coomaraswamy was ithyphallic, it seems to be a different image from the one photographed by Bhagwanlal.
According to Amy Richlin's The Garden of Priapus, the ithyphallic Priapus penetrates his victims--to punish them for their trespasses--orally, vaginally, anally (1992, 58).
The reason why so many ithyphallic representations of Amun-min, Mm or even in one instance Osiris himself are defaced is not because they outraged Christian prudery in the fourth century but because infertile women hacked the important bit out as a charm.
On the page following Davenport's drawing of the painting, Breuil describes its bird-headed ithyphallic stick man beside a javelin and a gored bison whose "spilling entrails are an ideogram of the vagina.
Persecuted by Priapus, Encolpius imagines himself restored to virility by the ithyphallic deity Mercury.