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And that altho there were no instituted human Government or Laws but Men were in that natural state wherein they were propogated into the World, yet even in that state there would be some things iusta, honesta, and decora & some things iniusta, inhonesta and indecora: (m) every thing would not be lawfull to every Man, and that Imaginary state of warr, where in every Man might lawfully do what he thinks best without any Law or Controule is but a Phantasy, or if it be admitted, it must not, cannot be supposed as the /fol.
After all, the very name bellum iustum conveys an affinity with the order of justice, a point underscored by Aquinas himself who makes causa iusta the centerpiece of his analysis in the question 40, "On War".
BLEDA, Jaime, Defensio/ Fidei/ in causa neophytorum,/ sive Morischorum Regni Valentiae, totius Hispaniae/ eiusdem/ Tractatus de Iusta Morischorum ab Hispania Expulsione/, Valencia, Juan Crisostomo Garriz, 1610.
Thus, the criterion of iusta causa has assumed various forms in the course of History: from Plato's call to fight the barbarians to Augustine's and Thomas Aquinas' calls to avenge the violation of a system created by God; and from Vitoria's idea of the right to self-defence and the obligation to defend your fellow man to the protection of human rights in contemporary debate.
Iusta expulsion de los moriscos de Espana: con la instruccion, apostasia, y traycion dellos; y respuesta a las dudas que se ofrecieron acerca desta materia.
Written in the Cuba of the early 1680s, the Servi Liberi Seu Naturalis Mancipiorium Libertatis Iusta Defensio, is a theological attack on the institution of slavery penned by a French Catholic missionary of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, Epifanio de Moirans, the only copy of which has languished in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain, until this translation by Sunshine (theology, Barry U.
The five criteria developed by Alfonso de Castro in De iusta haereticorum punitione are certainly of some help: first, Holy Scripture, as long as its sense is "apertus et indubitatus"; second, conciliar decrees, given that the content of several articles of faith is not explicitly given in Scripture; third, the "consensus universalis Ecclesiae," that is, tradition, defined at the Council of Trent as a source of truth; fourth, the opinion of the Holy See; fifth, the opinions of the "doctores.
Cushing also does her readers the service of providing a provisional, abridged edition of books 12 (De excommunicatione) and 13 (De iusta vindicta), which, if not a critical edition, nonetheless provides scholars with ready access to the key rubrics and texts.
the case of Petronia Iusta from Herculaneum discussed
21) Sulla novella Iusta Victoria, disponibile anche in versione latina, vedi Pozzi e Gianella (459-76).
20) De civili dominio II, xvii, 240: "Supposito ergo ex alibi declaratis quod tres condiciones necessarie rectificant iustum bellum, scilicet iusta vendicacio, licita auctorisacio et recta intencio .
Praeterea haec memorat: si vis cum gente Britanna Ad patrios remeare lares, dabit ille tributum (Non nisi iusta petit) cerrumve numisma quotannis Et quae militibus solvisti praemia reddet.