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The report also found that IXC UK had already exceeded its targets for finding new collaborative business development and R& D engagements by 155 per cent.
The new CBI (BroadWing) is a holding company with eight wholly owned subsidiaries, including IXC Communications.
Telephony providers can claim their network has the bandwidth of the IXC network.
Fleming served as the president of the international subsidiaries at IXC Communications, including MarcaTel S.
For IXC, the agreement helps close a fiber ring connecting Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Boise, with an additional leg to Seattle and on to Spokane.
VidiMedix and IXC have created a win for everyone connected with the benefits of health care," said Faris.
ESI is staffed with experts who have successfully demonstrated an ability to bill the IXC for terminating traffic.
Within the IXC network, daVinci SCP connects to NORTEL's DMS 250 through a CAIN interface and to other vendors' switches via Advanced Intelligent Network interfaces.
Crawford further stated that, "As NAD expands its CLEC and IXC footprint in the southeast, its digital subscriber services plans to obtain market penetration into commercial and consumer markets through a optical, metallic, and wireless hybrid service system.
OTC Bulletin Board: DCTC) today announced an alliance with IXC Communications, Inc.
The IXC status enables GIC to market long distance services between area codes within the United States, and is a significant step in building GIC's international, high-speed convergent telecommunications network.