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If you are over 18 and are eligible, you don't need a referral from your GP to have a free flu jab at a Boots pharmacy.
In the Colorado market, Jabs is known for his television commercials, which in earlier years featured exotic animals crawling on furniture.
theliver While thousands more children are being protected, uptake of the second MMR jab, available when a child reaches five, remains below target.
In South Tyneside, 95%of children aged two to 15 received their first MMR jab and 87% had the second.
In these areas those eligible for a jab will be able to get theirs from community pharmacies.
But children aged between six months and nine years, those people who are severely immuno-compromised, and those receiving the Celvapan jab will need two doses, three weeks apart.
Those aged 12 to 13 (Year 8) will receive the jab in a programme costing up to pounds 100 million a year in England.
The store, owned by American giant Wal-Mart, said the cost of the one-off jab at pounds 11.
Not one to mince words, Jabs said, "If you're buying something that's really selling well, you're going to look for something similar at a lower price.
Doctors found that his tumour was infected with the polio jab SV40 monkey virus.
Another possibility: Foscarnet itself may combat HIV, Jabs says.