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However, the company has always found itself in a kind of cat-and-mouse battle throughout the iPhone's existence-just as soon as it unveils a new method for protecting phones or, in this case, alerting users to jailbroken devices, enterprising iPhone hackers seem to find a way to work around Apple's techniques.
One proof is the jailbroken iPhone 4S that was credited to iH8Snow in March this year, which was followed by a statement from @pod2g, prominent member of Team Evad3rs, that (http://au.
1-untethered-jailbreak-demoed-on-video/) Redmond Pie , the jailbroken iPhone 4 is hardly surprising as "older models are inherently easier to hack.
Once an iOS device is jailbroken, whether an iPhone or iPad, the user will have the chance to pick through thousands of tweaks.
But it was clear that it would be best for jailbroken iPhones and iPads to steer away from this beta 4 release.
Evasi0n will give you a message that your device is successfully jailbroken.
As for compatibility with Cydia, where apps and tweaks for jailbroken iPhones and iPads are sourced from, there should be some tolerable glitches to be encountered.