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GPS is even used to track VIPs and dignitaries at events like the Super Bowl, where jammers could be used to disguise their whereabouts for a number of purposes, including a potential kidnapping.
The company's laser radar jammers are widely welcome by customers in Taiwan, China, the U.
He added security analysts have been staggered by the increase in the use of jammers in all kinds of criminal activity.
The Police team also recovered phone jammer, six fake registration books and other equipment used for opening and stealing the vehicles.
He added, " Rahul is on a visit to Amethi today ( Friday) and we are providing him every protection, including a mobile jammer.
Each team has five players, including a jammer who scores points and four defence players who aim to stop the other team scoring by blocking players.
Purchase a mobile phone jammer for your hotel, restaurant and bar.
Outside the building, a jammer stood ready to accept the pod for delivery to the flightline.
PAN JAMMER can outspeed some promising juveniles in the Capel Cure Sharp Maiden Stakes (3.
Navy's Next-Generation Jammer, which will replace the ALQ-99 tactical jamming system currently installed on the EA-18G Growler aircraft.