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He sexually exploited them and also forced them to have sex with other children for making pornographic films," Jangle claimed.
According to DPO Mubarik Zaib, on special orders the SHOs of City Cant KDA, Jangle Khel Lachi and Gambat lunched operation against criminals in their areas and arrested 25 persons involved in crimes named Ashraf, Shehzad, Haq Nawaz, khan Ahmed, Asad, Noorbat, Mohammad Nazar, Rub Nawaz, Mohammed Javed, Mohammed Habib, Mohammed Rehman Sardar, Bilal, Zahir Ullah, Gulab, Jamshed Iqbal, Noor Ali, Ahsan Ahmed, Mohammed Zaman, Faiz khan, Naseem Gul, Zahoor khan, Syed Ahmed, Israr and Miskeen.
Qasemi said that the other point regarding discovery of Sardare Jangle gas field was our specialists' access to know-how and technology of drilling in deep waters which a few countries have access to it.
18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Brian The Bold Entertainment today announced the release of their new Holiday CD, Jingle Jangle Christmas, which will be digitally available worldwide on the brianthebold.
They do loves a bit of psychedelic jingle jangle in the Valleys, they do.
Jangle Jangle Jangle I'm a bangle-holding stand / Nosy nosy nosy I'm a posy, I smell grand / Faster Faster Faster I'm a rooster, I can fly / Creeping creeping creeping I am peeping, I'm a spy"
THE jangle of bells and the knocking of wood will be heard in Birmingham when a troop of Morris dancers descend on the city.
1, CONGOTRONICS 1 (CRAMMED) This incredible band from Kinshasa, founded more than twenty-five years ago, generates a thrilling jangle of furious polyrhythms and electronic grooves.
A Jingle Jangle Christmas" at the Hult Center, "A Christmas Carol" at Actors Cabaret, "Fully Committed" at Lord Leebrick Theatre and Neil Simon's "Rumors" at Robinson Theatre.
The idea is that the bells will jangle if pickpocket thieves try to remove the purses.
He said: 'I didn't regard it as more than a 50-50 thing and the nerves began to jangle when I didn't receive a text from boss Clive Woodward before the official announcement.
The past summer is but a random jangle of sweet-tinged memories floating in the backwater ooze inside our craniums.