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But for most of her career she was widely considered the maddest old bat in the Tory Party - when pregnant female prisoners were being shackled to hospital beds, it was loveable old Minister of State for Prisons Widdy who was jangling the keys.
When Jack is released early on May 29 he'll waltz back to his new pounds 350,000 home with at least pounds 120,000 jangling in his pockets from media interviews.
In the best-of-19-frame match, Fu led 9-8 but Murphy took it to a decider and, with the nerves jangling, left his opponent needing snookers with a remarkable fluked pink before securing a 10-9 victory.
If you're at a loose end and have a few coins jangling in your pocket, get over to the Civic's website and book a couple of tickets for the gig by Elliot Minor on July 27.
Drinnen, who is Australia, said: "If we can take early wickets, which I'm sure we can with the way we've been bowling, we might set a few nerves jangling and cause the likes of Australia and South Africa a few problems.
But, hey, it's worth it to us not to endure all the flashing and jangling.
Jangling key chains and ringing telephones could inadvertently change the channel.
The lilting interludes at the beginning and end of each CD are mostly gentle guitar riffs, with a final jangling discord--not happily-ever-after music.
Coventry Market has snapped up 1,000 of the tiny jangling bells, which will be handed out for pensioners to attach to their purses or wallets.
Responding to my jangling nerves, every night I prepared a bit of the class in detail and went over and over it in my mind.
they would watch their daughter grow up, get married, start a family of her own"--are thrown "into a nervous and jangling disarray.
Running outside, Quicke heard the stolen change jangling in the dark, and he fired at the sound.