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I love The Smiths and Marr's jangly guitar on all their albums and I loved the two Modest Mouse albums.
The lead-off "Tail & Main" is an indie-pop ditty with rockabilly overtures, via autoharp, jangly guitars and galloping snare drums.
quicksilver rings worn and tossed in a jangly heap,
for example, captures the jangly optimism and opportunism of Rio as the kind of city that, paradoxically, lives for and despite tourism.
So it feels like music has spun full circle again and landed on the spot marked mid-80s to mid-90s jangly pop.
They are all given the earnest, stretched vocals of Bryan and his open, jangly guitar.
This Is The Life sounded like Altered Images on steroids, while You're Not Stubborn took Orange Juice's jangly guitars and cranked it up several notches.
The jangly guitar gets things rolling along so much it doesn't stop to squeeze in a chorus.
But just occasionally they step off the path, and the jangly, more subtle Astronaut suggests they can yet boldly go.
They have chosen anthemic power chords over jangly guitars and riotous gang vocals over quirky lyricism.
Opener Rules Don't Stop has a funky fast bass line which sets the furious pace for the album which is packed full of achingly hip tracks such as I Don't Bite with its syncopated beats and jangly sing-along lyrics, while the pace slows occasionally for Pittsburgh and the more melancholic Jack & Ginger.