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Jangly guitars (Danelectro and Vox by the look of 'em) complete the 60s vibe.
This Is The Life sounded like Altered Images on steroids, while You're Not Stubborn took Orange Juice's jangly guitars and cranked it up several notches.
This racy, pacy slice of jangly guitar party could well keep them rather quiet.
We gave a few away and it culminated in that really nervous, jangly heart-wrenching finish.
But just occasionally they step off the path, and the jangly, more subtle Astronaut suggests they can yet boldly go.
Opener Rules Don't Stop has a funky fast bass line which sets the furious pace for the album which is packed full of achingly hip tracks such as I Don't Bite with its syncopated beats and jangly sing-along lyrics, while the pace slows occasionally for Pittsburgh and the more melancholic Jack & Ginger.
back in the '80s - it's jangly, and occasionally discordant, and there's just a sense that this is a band that gets it.
This most recent of tours has also seen Morrissey playing one his most famous tunes This Charming Man, which was rarely played by The Smiths but has been brought back with a heavy rock blast rather than the original jangly guitar sound.
With their cardigans, skinny jeans and mops of dark hair, they could have been any other vaguely post-punk inspired guitar band, but this brainy bunch perfectly captured the spirit of Talking Heads and Orange Juice - both clearly an influence on their jangly yet funky guitar pop sounds.
It's got an exuberant feel, a bright, jangly sound and a catchy hook, that might just have you singing along.
It wouldn't have mattered whether Kristina had played a total blinder with the last task, with her jangly earrings and the fake tan that so offended Katie, she just wasn't posh enough.
The chime of Roger McGuinn's jangly 12-string Rickenbacker guitar and the heavenly vocal harmonies of McGuinn, Gene Clark, David Crosby and Chris Hillman gave the U.