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The songs released could easily hold their own on any Jape record, so what is it that holds him back from releasing from this wealth of built up material.
Beyond the universities though, there are other important avenues for public influence, as the article by Jim Stanford in this issue of JAPE strongly emphasises.
On the new record, This Chemical Sea, Richie turned to long time Jape member Glenn Keating in a bid to hold on to his sanity.
EVERYONE on TV who thought a mind-numbingly puerile April Fools' jape was side-splittingly hilarious (I'm looking at you, Daybreak's Rylan Clark).
What kicks off as a Billy Bunter boarding school jape ends as a gripping thriller with a very sinister overtone.
The former city Superwoman described the mugging, which would have had most normal people reaching for brandy and tranquillisers, like it was some Famous Five jape.
Each night will feature the uniquely different and unarguably idiosyncratic talents of Villagers and Jape plus a third Music Prize winner who shall be revealed soon.
has decided for his next jolly jape he will hang upside down like a bat and refuse to come down until he's ready.
Richard Wilson - the artist not the actor alter ego for Victor Meldrew - has provided a jape in an otherwise ugly setting.
Along with the Redneck Manifesto, Jape will be kicking things off with Richie doing a solo show at 7pm.
IT SEEMS the Tartan Army's jolly jape to try and get the bridge at the new Wembley called The Jim Baxter Bridge is to be blocked by po-faced Sassenachs.
ROL have mastered their art after years of whipping crowds into a frenzy, their hometown shows have attracted the likes of Sinead O'Connor, Bono, Snow Patrol, Styles P, Damien Dempsey, Shane McGowan, Jape, Gavin Friday, most of whom have hopped on stage with the band creating some thrilling and very special moments for the band and fans alike.