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So how's that for a stultifying taxonomic jargonistic explanation
But legal scholarship is, if possible, even worse: it is "incomprehensible, pretentious, pompous, turgid, revolting, jargonistic gibberish.
Skip the jargonistic pages, find wonderful ways to recall, refresh and even celebrate the fact that such horror could never come to destroy such culture.
However, whether or not Watt's psychobiographical approach appeals to one, he still appears original in his choice of examples, fairly persuasive as he marshals his evidence, and a generally wise and effective writer: one neither vituperatively polemical nor jargonistic.
Scholars like Orwell have beautifully presented a vision of a society in which the state exercises effective control over people, through deliberate manipulation of language, by introducing a turgidily jargonistic form of language.