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The tests showed that he was suffering from jaundice (abnormal functioning of live) and uric acid and HDL cholesterol levels were high.
Newborn babies with jaundice have traditionally been assessed by visual inspection.
The aim of this article is to enable community practitioners to confidently explain to parents what jaundice is and its possible effects, the link between jaundice and breastfeeding and how this relates to feeding their infant.
However, Gambhir has been diagnosed with jaundice, after undergoing a blood test, earlier today.
Framework agreement for the supply of neonatal incubators radiant warmers combined incubator/warmer systems transport incubators warmers with resuscitation function related equipment and accessories including jaundice management equipment such as transcutaneous bilirubinometers and phototherapy equipment.
Discussion of jaundice requires familiarity with the normal pathways for production and elimination of bilirubin in the body.
An 8-year-old boy presented to our hospital with jaundice and intermittent pain in the abdomen since last 1 year after a trivial blunt abdominal trauma sustained while at play.
of all the jaundice cases admitted to the hospital, and, secondly, interviews with
37 per cent of full-term babies treated for jaundice developed autism compared to 1.
Doctors and nurses are being told not to solely rely on how a baby looks but to take a blood test within two hours of birth for those with suspected or obvious jaundice.
There have been postmarketing reports of severe hepatic reactions, including liver necrosis, jaundice, fulminant hepatitis with and without jaundice, and liver failure, according to the FDA.
Histories of jaundice and jaundice-related death were also obtained.