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said Stepan Arkadyevitch to his wife, and glancing at his watch, he made a motion of his hand before his face, indicating a caress to his wife and children, and walked jauntily along the pavement.
Her hair was palpably dyed--her hat was jauntily set on her head, and ornamented with a gay feather.
A hat of a prevailing fashion perched jauntily upon her dark hair.
Bar was a sight wondrous to behold, and full of matter, when, jauntily waving his double eye-glass by its ribbon, and jauntily drooping to an Universe of jurymen, he, in the most accidental manner ever seen, found himself at Mr Merdle's shoulder, and embraced that opportunity of mentioning a little point to him, on which he particularly wished to be guided by the light of his practical knowledge.
As we walked toward the house, Cuzak cocked his hat jauntily over one ear and looked up at the moon.
He says to you jauntily, 'Gentlemen, there is fighting going on in Gascony or in Flanders; go and fight,' and you go there.
Taking heart of grace, I stepped up jauntily to the porch.
The orchestra in the pit, jauntily conducted by Adrian Kirk, is first rate.
I set off, listening to the squelch of the leaves and I was reminded of another loss - the tunes once whistled jauntily by milkmen and postmen and the songs sung by boys and girls.
Watch postmen at work today - no more jauntily strolling along, whistling a merry tune.
For weeks now, Bea Alonzo has been the female star 'with the longest hair' on TV, because her ongoing rom-com series, 'A Love to Last,' has her being courted by handsome screen swains who even have jauntily round-alike names, Ian and Xian.