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But the crew, when you encounter them purposefully rushing about on duty, are smartly dressed with an air of jauntiness that conveys the French Navy's long history which began in the 17th century.
Standing in front of the mirror in the foyer, he put the finishing touches to his toilet, readjusting the angle of his hat for maximum jauntiness and confirming the pulchritude of his lapels.
Lee Gregory performed Leporello with zest and musical jauntiness.
The best stuff has the jauntiness of a Henry Mancini movie theme, but far too much descends into Danny Elfman-esque wails, Thomas Newman riffs and, chiefly, sub-Philip Glass minimalism.
I thought it was a big effort from us to come back and maybe I was expecting a bit more jauntiness from us and it wasn't there.
But the jauntiness depicted in the march through Sindh turned to grief in Afghanistan, when the army was decimated in its retreat from Kabul in early 1842.
ZORBA THE GREEK | NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS (GREEK, 1953): Embodying "elan vital," lusty Alexis Zorba loves and lives life to the brim, "with jauntiness and simplicity.
4, 5) shows all the jauntiness, coherent composition, and confident outline characteristic of the best work of the Archaic period.
Single Glorious is summery, full of jingle-jangle jauntiness, while East West North South is sweeping and Build A Life soars with philosophical lyrics.
A journalist assigned to cover Iraq or Afghanistan or Chechnya or the drug wars of Colombia or northern Mexico finds the residual jauntiness and bravado draining off pretty quickly, The psychological effect is not exhilaration but a terrible corrosion of nerves and spirit.