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ZORBA THE GREEK | NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS (GREEK, 1953): Embodying "elan vital," lusty Alexis Zorba loves and lives life to the brim, "with jauntiness and simplicity.
Single Glorious is summery, full of jingle-jangle jauntiness, while East West North South is sweeping and Build A Life soars with philosophical lyrics.
In his account Keble works for a jauntiness of style that will veil his painful vulnerability, but the misery of those ensuing days is clear enough:</p> <pre> I went on to Oxford, hoping to meet some friends of yours there on their way home from Hertford, but after waiting a day and a' half came Saturday, & I was obliged to make the best of my way home.
This is how, to twist Mark Twain's own words into a prophetic albeit totally coincidental line: "H[uck] still lives; or rather, they live" (Clemens 1977: 286)--the successive generations of Americans discovering, requisitioning, and indefatigably reinventing him anew, in terms of most immediate response trying to emulate (if only as vicarious fantasy) the bravado, the jauntiness, the rough-and-tumble, the defiance, the boisterousness, the abandon, the hardiness, the wittiness, the freedom, the licentiousness, the fun, the laziness, the delinquency.
The students and I spent a long afternoon with Rees, whose speedy mind and tongue belied his arthritic jauntiness.
He was bisexual, and some of his love poems have hidden male addressees; his autobiographical jottings about this display a slightly unconvincing jauntiness.
Before the moment has any opportunity to register, the credits roll, accompanied by plaintive, minor-key music lacking any of the opening score's jauntiness.
There is always a surprise, almost a devilish jauntiness as he sits down as if to say to us, sure you expected woe, but my good people I'm introducing you to woe heavy, not that insubstantial whey you consume with your corn flakes.
The grisly jauntiness of the opening comes full circle here.
Boal doesn't try to imitate Baryshnikov's self-mocking charisma; instead, he infuses the dance with a debonair jauntiness and unforced charm that does nothing to suppress his innate classicism.
Edith Sitwell," he writes, "flicks rhymes in our faces with elaborate jauntiness.