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Rosemary Thomson, Wishaw, Lanarks SO greedy MPs jump aboard the gravy train for world jaunts at our expense, supposedly to benefit Britain and our troops.
It's quite incredible that he and his cohorts can have lavished nearly a quarter of a million pounds on his latest jaunt - this time to the recent Ryder Cup event in Ireland.
It's bad enough that Prince Charles' jaunts on the royal train have cost pounds 750,000 - though I admit he could hardly be expected to travel on GNER.
25-caliber gun that he toted for personal safety during his morning jaunts.
Having traveled all over the world on ecological jaunts over the last 30 years, I know that there is a need for a thoughtful guide for those interested in ecological or environmental vacations.
Online options allow the Web visitor to choose between shopping and sight-seeing jaunts, or tours of restaurants, theatres and other attractions.
A barrage of media questions to the OFMDFM over the Brazil and USA jaunts have remained unanswered since last week, with the publicly-funded press office refusing to answer our questions surrounding the trip.
UAE residents jetting into the East African nation of Kenya on their jolly jaunts soared a staggering 89.
The jaunts will focus on child abusers after they are released from jail to help them adjust.
Although travel insurance is not a necessity for most domestic trips, it's worth getting for long overseas jaunts, "Timing is critical for travel insurance.
FUN-LOVING Prince Andrew is cramming three more foreign jaunts into a hectic five weeks of freebies at taxpayers' expense.
The silver lining is that just being yourself--on those quickie October weekend jaunts to girl-girl watering holes like Provincetown--impresses them even more.