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Please write your mayor and ask that the crosswalks be repainted and policed, and that the laws against jay walking be enforced.
For two days jay walking has been a punishable offence in Birmingham.
DIPPY comedian Eddie Izzard has been done for jay walking in America.
This required police to enforce the law as it applied to even the most minor offences, for example, jay walking or parking illegally.
NORTH HILLS - Police issued 37 tickets and impounded 13 vehicles in North Hills early Tuesday as part of an ongoing effort to educate the public about the rights of pedestrians and the dangers of jay walking.
For not taking the number of the car he thumped, for jay walking on the road, or because he is refusing to explain his part in overturning the recommendation of an independent public inquiry that said No to the Porthcawl wind farm?
These are the laws relating to Jay Walking, where people on foot are only allowed to cross the road in designated areas, at the risk of severe fines, prison sentences and - hopefully - deportation across the galaxy.
We were finding that people in our facility who had to cross the street were jay walking up and down the street, and now once we put (the system) in, everyone goes straight to that,'' he said.