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Then the soldiers killed them all, nearly two thousand of them--killed them with taunts and jeers.
He snatched it and bade the slave take her choice, amid the jeers of the crowd.
Well, these mortal insults, these jeers on the part of someone unknown, end at last in an enjoyment which sometimes reaches the highest degree of voluptuousness.
It is not the want of money, but the LITTLE worries of life--these whisperings and nods and jeers.
He remembered how his brother, while at the university, and for a year afterwards, had, in spite of the jeers of his companions, lived like a monk, strictly observing all religious rites, services, and fasts, and avoiding every sort of pleasure, especially women.
INEVER have and never will understand what makes football supporters boo and jeer one of their own players during a game.
True to his form, the jeer did not deter Kalmadi as he went on to read out his self-congratulatory prepared speech.
We are mulling to lodge a police complain against the fans who had tried to jeer Yuvraj when he had come out to provide drinks during the match," he said.
Once the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, was played, Tunisian and Moroccan young men started to whistle and jeer in the presence of two French ministers.
After a meeting of district administrators, student body representatives and coaches in December, the district adopted this ``upgrade'' to its rules of sportsmanship, designed to ensure that those in the stands cheer their own players rather than jeer their opponents.
Featuring eight bonus stickers to liven up anyone's cubicle, Try Rebooting Yourself is cartoonist Scott Adams' latest compilation of Dilbert cartoons, which savagely mock and jeer corporate ineffectualness, human obnoxiousness, and the literally cutthroat (or shove-off-a-roof) competition of office politics.
That's why I believe it's now time to move on and remember that a boo or a jeer at Dyer is a boo or jeer against Newcastle United.