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This respect is at variance with the graphic violence that the movies and TV shows disdainfully and jeeringly glorify.
It's the sheer, relentless regularity of their coming, the yearliness and dateliness of the thing, the nailed down, jeeringly inescapable fixity of the format.
Her share of the jeeringly labeled "atonement payment" of one billion marks plus damages, which the Jews were required to pay after Kristallnacht, plus other exit taxes, came to 113,200 Reichsmarks ($42,000 today).
She refers to Candy jeeringly as "Jimmy," her given name, and insists that she is not a woman but a man, and a sick, pathetic one at that.
The havoc wrought in the Teutonic ranks by black Senegalese and yellow Gurkhas, together with Allied utterances like Lord Curzon's wish to see Bengal lancers on the Unter den Linden and Gurkhas camping at Sans Souci, so maddened the German people that the very suggestion of white solidarity was jeeringly scoffed at as the most idiotic sentimentality.
Not only did he ignore their pleas but, in an interview with the excellent Tucker Carlson, he made fun of her pleas as well, jeeringly mimicking the voice of a young woman begging for mercy.
which should surely have alerted her to the fact that Jewish words were indeed jeeringly applied to witches" (Simpson 1994: 91).
which inside a bar they twist through the relative minor into a jeeringly triumphant A major with an added dominant on top.
Rob asks jeeringly if they were caused by mosquitoes or scalding rain, but Nancy casually dismisses them as Dennis's "particular attention" and adds them to the list of wrongs she has pushed aside: "What he had to say to her was nothing she hadn't heard before, nothing she hadn't already been given more or less to understand from mosquitoes, people, life-in-general, and the rain out of the sky" (p.
God asks Job jeeringly, and, alas, it's come to pass that we can, with religion frequently a handmaiden to the merchants.
One jeeringly cooed one of Livy's dicta: 'To keep pace with the credulity of simple men, even more things were announced.
Whether the pic can attract newcomers to the franchise--and score breakthrough success during its theatrical run--depends on the willingness of the masses to accept a sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll comedy so jeeringly critical of post-9/11 paranoia and so openly contemptuous of authoritarian excesses by U.