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Richardson had also taken a smack in the mouth just before the final whistle and several Norwich supporters then jeeringly asked him the final score.
As with pre-adolescent boys, their relations with girls were jeeringly aggressive and they made fun of sexual or sentimental situations.
This respect is at variance with the graphic violence that the movies and TV shows disdainfully and jeeringly glorify.
It's the sheer, relentless regularity of their coming, the yearliness and dateliness of the thing, the nailed down, jeeringly inescapable fixity of the format.
which should surely have alerted her to the fact that Jewish words were indeed jeeringly applied to witches" (Simpson 1994: 91).
Rob asks jeeringly if they were caused by mosquitoes or scalding rain, but Nancy casually dismisses them as Dennis's "particular attention" and adds them to the list of wrongs she has pushed aside: "What he had to say to her was nothing she hadn't heard before, nothing she hadn't already been given more or less to understand from mosquitoes, people, life-in-general, and the rain out of the sky" (p.