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Punning on the letter G, Richard jestingly tells his victim, aware that his royal brother has arrested him because he appears to conform to the prophecy, that Edward should instead have committed Clarence's "godfathers" (1.
We are not real fishermen anymore; we are more like Sukleen employees," says fisherman Maarouf Irani, jestingly referring to the waste management company that cleans garbage in Lebanon.
If the poem's own witness is to be believed, 'Keeping Going' had its origins in memories of the childhood habit of the poet's brother Hugh of referring to sporrans as whitewash brushes and in a recollection of a particular occasion on which he jestingly used a whitewash brush as a sporran and an inverted kitchen chair as a make-believe set of bagpipes.
The "story" is the meeting between Sarah and Padraic to make the exchange (via syringe, it should be noted, not "the old-fashioned way," though Padraic jestingly suggests that might be easier).
The Flying Post reported on 29 November 'Yesterday came on another Trial at the Common-Pleas Bar, against one Hodgson the Player for using prophanely and jestingly the Name of God upon the stage.
The goalie-rental industry--sometimes jestingly called "goalie hooking" by participants--first emerged in Toronto and Montreal in the early 1990s and picked up momentum through the decade.