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working with their two embarked helicopters, stopped a 40-foot go-fast boat and its six-person crew who had jettisoned 3.
The bomb was not jettisoned and the plane returned to Fairford with it.
Even so, researchers had previously demonstrated that supernova remnants--expanding shells of jettisoned material--can accelerate electrons to cosmic ray energies.
This Hubble Space Telescope image, a color composite released this week, depicts a shroud of material jettisoned by a central dying star.
Not to suggest that Vaisman has jettisoned his earlier stance in favor of a more romantic view of the self.
When the shuttle reaches its optimal velocity, the ET (like the two rocket boosters that fire the ship into orbit) is jettisoned and falls back to earth.
Osbourne curled up on the couch, jettisoned a clunky necklace that was annoying her and referred to herself more than once as ``the old tart.
The company's new management jettisoned all previous Desert Winds' businesses and subsequently purchased patent applications designed to protect digital compact discs and files.
After photographs were taken, the satellites jettisoned the exposed film, which was then snared in midfall by military planes.
This resulted in a partially jettisoned canopy with extensive structural damage to the cockpit area.
Part of that challenge comes from the high returns that will be jettisoned with IP's substantial timberland operations, which have been a significant earnings contributor and which will account for a majority of business sales proceeds.
Meaningful debt reduction is under way, most poor performing and/or high-risk operations have been jettisoned, the remaining core operations have become more predictable, and internal cash generation continues to grow.