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At the maximum radius, the LR330 can lift 3,300kg in its 'ultra-lift' mode, and allows six different jib length configurations, ranging from 30m to 60m.
until customers took us away again, we told each other jib snap stories about broken fingernails and cold, wet fingers.
With this fly jib the heavy lift mast cranes continue to prove their added value.
According to the NNA, Saturday's rainstorm in Western Bekaa caused a Honda Jeep to slide off the main road between Ghazzeh and Jib Jennin and roll over several times before finally settling in a field on the side of the road.
Sunnaa affirmed that the visit is part of a connection program that JIB has been preparing to maintain relations with investors and to be aware of their proposals which may play a major role in the development of the Jordanian investment environment.
in its latest counterparty credit ratings assigned to JIB of BB/Stable/B in
With the G-Jib promoted as a smart alternative to traditional workstation jib/chain hoist combinations, this system pairs a G-Force intelligent lifting device with an enclosed track workstation jib crane.
December 13, 2006 Lord Street, Liverpool Laing O'Rourke A gust of wind caused an uncontrolled jib movement.
The crane had a 120m-long steel jib structure supported on a slew ring, mounted on a concrete plinth built on four 2[m.
Hexagonal jib adds strength, reduces flexing and makes it easier to replace wear pads
He also serves as director of the JIB Educational and Cultural Trust Fund.
Felix marks' JIB TRIMMING: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE (1904475221) demystifies the art of jib trimming and focuses instead on a visual approach which uses diagrams and black and white photos throughout to explore the mechanics of jib trimming.