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OUR story last week about royal policeman John Hayter's sick jibe on Facebook about innocent Ian Tomlinson who died at the G20 protests, provoked anger among readers.
The question these idiots must ask themselves when their monkey jibes have died down and they are leaving the ground, while those players are laughing all the way to the bank is: Who is making a monkey out of who?
The team were even labelled "Dad's Army" by former England all-rounder, Ian Botham, but after the 206-runs third Test triumph wrapped up the Ashes after just 463 days in England's possession, Ponting said the jibes inspired them.
Dear Editor, - You launch a casual but nonetheless cheap jibe at media studies students in your leader ('Skills Shortage', March 11).
Unfortunately, on the BBC, we cannot have the advantage of Willie Carson's experience, without silly jibes from Clare Balding.
The group has also targeted Jeremy Clarkson, AA Gill and Anne Robinson for anti-Welsh jibes.
But it does indicate that the drug's current role in fatal accidents is minor, and it jibes with laboratory research finding that marijuana impairs motor coordination less than alcohol does.
969 appear eight definitions of jive, none of which jibes with the editorialist's usage.
Martin Blyth, 19, had been trading hip hop jibes with Shaun Ahmmad at a taxi rank in Perth.
London, Apr 3 (ANI): Pop star Kylie Minogue has jumped to her sister Dannii's defence after 'X Factor' judge Louish Walsh took unwarranted jibes at her.
Debby's dissatisfaction with almost every aspect of her husband Lionel (Eric Poppick) is dished out in short, emasculating jibes.