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I started sympathising with whoever was jilted by his/her beloved or lover.
A month after the gruesome murder of Infosys techie Swathi at a train station in Chennai, a jilted lover in Villupuram district tried to set ablaze a teenage girl after she rejected his love.
TEARS Ken Beattie (James Kirk) with jilted bride (Meghan Tyler)
Meanwhile, there's another heated flare-up when Carly's jilted fiance Sunil roars into the village in his flashy car and demands she reimburses him for all the expense he's lavished on her.
It was an end to suffering for Vinodhini, an engineer by profession, who was attacked by a jilted lover in November last year and was since undergoing treatment.
Nominated for both Sony and Perrier awards, John Shuttleworth is Graham's best-known comic creation and grew from his alter-ego Jilted John, who came to prominence in 1978 with a top ten single in the pop char ts.
A JILTED lover crashed her ex-boyfriend's car into the bowling alley where he worked, a court heard.
The Jilted Generation debate takes place at Newcastle's Great North Museum on Tuesday from 5.
Ed Howker and Shiv Malik, Jilted Generation: How Britain Bankrupted Its Youth, Icon 2010
Meanwhile, Jilted Jim is still struggling to come to terms with his wife's infidelity.
Summary: Cyber-crime fighters nabbed a jilted Israeli lover who paralyzed Omsk airport in Siberia by e-mailing a bomb threat in the name of the Russian woman who ditched him, an Israeli daily reported on