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The variety and subtlety of even pro-imperialist discourse indicates a lack of clear consensus, even during the heights of jingoist fervor.
The third is a form of jingoist hostility and violence usually associated with international crises involving U.
As Judith Weisenfeld so graphically points out, The Birth of a Race, the African American cinematic response to the racist, jingoist Birth of a Nation, located the meaning of race not in particularity but in inclusiveness, in the human race as a whole and as a divine project (733).
In short, the crime is a gift to the hard jingoist right, those who hope to use force to control their domains.
His jingoist attitudes were confirmed in a letter to Witton's father that seemingly condoned war atrocities, saying "with less nonsense and sentiment the war would soon be over".
As John Higham writes of the Spanish American War, "two anti-foreign movements--one international, the other internal--complemented each other, so that the jingoist atmosphere of the decade helps explain the depth and intensity of its nativism.
But the main reason Howe could not give Fischer any credit for abandoning Stalinism or let him live down his "foul past" was that (Howe would deal similarly with Koestler for the same reason) Fischer was now "an hysterical supporter of the imperialist war," as bad a jingoist as Harold Laski, the English socialist.
There was no stauncher patriot than Kipling but he could see, more clearly than most, the danger of being drunk with power and, although he was much misunderstood, being labelled an Imperialist or a Jingoist, he exercised some restraint on the pre-war world.
And Microsoft Network France attended for the first time; unfortunately, it adopted a jingoist attitude and declined to provide translation at its press conference on the Internet and TV, leaving all non-French-speakers out in the cold.
Similarly, on the other side, the Civic Union split as the conflict with Yeltsin drove Aleksandr Rutskoi into an alliance with Stalinist and jingoist diehards.
Hunt's 1878 song, I learned later, which gave the noun jingoist to the language, was sung in the music halls by "the great Macdermott" into the beginning of the 20th century.
Sonia, who delivered her inaugural speech at the party's two- day chintan shivir ( brainstorming session) in Jaipur, avoided hitting a jingoist note.