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Many Zionists have gotten to the point where they are so extreme in their jingoist hyper-nationalism that they try to argue that anti-Zionism is inherently anti-Semitic, because it opposes a movement that fights for "Jewish self-determination," they claim.
In addition, women's poetry should not be viewed as a "whole," as it would be impossible to combine jingoists, advocates, pacifists, and satirists of varying writing skills into one group.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Manish Tewari said: " 'Beehive' metaphor denoting energy diligence and cohesion completely went over heads of some self appointed jingoists.
The road quality and its capability in military terms is enough to sober any Indian jingoist advocating a pro-active stance against Beijing as the same disparity prevails all along the 4,057 km Line of Actual Control (LAC) dividing India and China.
The reference to jingoist impulses of Manifest Destiny shaping u.
His institutional solidarity, nationalist lyrics, and jingoist theatrics often lead him to perform on flag-draped stages to chants of "Who here is proud to be a Zionist?
Washington, to say nothing of Abraham Lincoln, in today's topsy-turvy political landscape, such notions are branded as right-wing, elitist, jingoist, and racist.
This generation's Robert Frost is Springsteen, another terrifying American poet misunderstood as reassuring jingoist.
Rhodes' political views were not as simply British Jingoist as they are often portrayed.
That a potential leader of this nation could utter such bellicose and foolish counsel must make every thinking voter wake up to what the consequences of Cameron could be for world peace, especially should the jingoist John McCain succeed in getting into the White House.
To head off potential jingoist reactions against the proposed buy-ins by these new investors, there is a need to probe a set of questions about how these funds work and about whether rules can be reached--by mutual agreement--to ensure that the funds prove compatible with global capital movements.
A gap, of perhaps only a generation separates him from the Other Side, the source of his grandparents' immigration; all the same, he is a jingoist of the strictest type.